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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Public Relase Special Maho Fullhack[1 hit ALL SG + Invisible + dkk] Updates 07 July 2011

Posted by Ferly'Juliansyah 11:00 PM, under | No comments

Download Cheat: 
Download Password: 

Fiture :
+>1 Hit SG Kosong
+>1 Hit SG Spas Point
+>1 Hit SG SPas Cash
+>1 Hit Sg Puter
+>1Hit K2
+>1 hit AWP Dragonow
+>Brust SG
+>Invisible Kill
+>No Respon
+>Pasang Bom 0 Detik
+>Defuse0 Detik
+>Cheat Darah

Hotkey :

All 1 Hit = Auto ON
Invisible dkk = HOME
cheat Darah ON =  Inseet
Cheat Darah Off = Home

NB :

-Jangan Sering Gunakan k2 karena apabila keseringan akan menyebabkan btebte ah...^
tested Windows xp 2 3 jam NoBT

Credit : Ferry-Adanya Mahoo Sejati

Special thanks To :

->F2F_All Maho
->All member f2F
->Abu Jafar


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